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I'm still in a writing mood, but I'm also veryvery blah. >.< I think going off my meds was kind of bad, 'cause now I'm dizzy and tiredlike. How do you want to write K&S, if we do? Together, like before, or alternate chapters, or? If I can convince myself not to do homework, I'll prolly try writing. Or maybe I'll just pass out again. Or, of course, what I'll /probably/ do -- waste hours and hours on Neopets. :D Hope things are going well.
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I'm not sure what method would be best, I've been considering that. We could do it like we did before, but I'm not sure how much I'd be able to be on some nights, so it'd be kind of sporadic. Whatever we do, we should probably do more planning. Planning = plotstuff. I think. I'm not sure how well alternating chapters would work ... we'd *really* have to coordinate what we wanted to happen before we did so, otherwise it'd just be sort of like a round robin, and those always turn out a bit silly to me.
I accidentally adopted a pet! O.O; And now I don't know how to put it back in the pound... *fretfretfret* I got a petpet off it, but it's a scary piglet thing that I don't like. :P
*laughs and pets* Poor Kathaleen... What sort of pet is it? You can go back to the pound and reabandon it, but strip it of its petpet first -- You can sell that. You just need to get a shop, and price the thing on the wizard, which is the little blue tent link, fifth in from the left on the top linkbar of the shops section.

I just read an interesting article on this rare disease that disables a person from feeling pain.
I found the pound, and hit abandon before taking the petpet. But I don't think I could have, anyway. :P The crying neopets make me so sad, and it would've been sad if I took its pet away. *sighs and falls over* I'm hopeless. It was.. a dog thing. Lupe? Luketanumbernumbernumber. Silly numbers.
You must be hardhearted. It's the only way to make a profit! You must remember that in the end, they're just pixels on a screen ... and you're stealing their pixilated companions for imaginary money.

Damn. Now I'm feeling guilty, too.
*cackles* The little crying neopets are heartbreakers. :P Pixels, psh. SAD.