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The pensive koala popped the balloon.

I forgot to write the words down before school, so I just pulled together the ones that I remembered. Pensive, balloon, and koala.

Sucks... but here:

The child took a pensive step forwad, grubby toes biting the gravel below, staining the dirt crimson. She couldn't have been more than four, and no bigger than a thriving toddler -- belly distended like a macabre balloon and her eyes like pools of black ink. Tears were never far away on the street.

The jerky lost flavor between Sidle's teeth, and her otherwise precarious perch seemed to embody something far more secure.

"She's just a rat, Sids," her brother's voice waded through the thickening mood, and the next glance found the child scurrying into her water-marked cardboard home.

Here's a random poem I wrote in creative writing. /All/ of those are awful. :P Alas --

When Night Comes

God spins the dial on the world's
Colors fade and the seven
shades of black
begin to dance.

Creatures too delicate for the sun,
emotion too raw for the light.

When Night Comes.

The moon pulls the strings of puppet
Weaving a web of stain-glass
souls and shattering
your lies.

When Night Comes.
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