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The headlights caught on the sleet-slickened windbreaker, drawing Isaac's attention from the radio's growing dials. "Brilliant," he snorted to himself, squinting through the ice-smeared windshield at the slushy asphalt below. He'd seen half a dozen cars spin-off in the last half hour, and this Einstein hitchhiker was marking fate's next target.

Lightening the pressure to the gas, he dug heater-warn fingers into the overstuffed glovebox, grazing his gun's barrel as his brake's skid to a lesisurely halt at the curb. Shoving the latch back into place, he pummeled the buttons at his side, easing up only as the passenger-side window began to creep lower.

The face that emerged was shadowed, indistinct, but nonetheless feminine. Black eyes stared in at him, stubborn and unyielding, with a scowl that reminded him of Sarah.

"Where you headed?" He offered a smile, working for disarming.

"Canada." She slaughtered the word. Cay-nada. Those black eyes narrowed at his smirk, and his amusement faded.
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